1. Yehonatan
    July 20, 2019 @ 8:48 pm

    I agree. My hope is Israel will allow more sincere people who will keep Torah and have a deed filled faith in the God of Avraham, Yitzhack, and Yaacov. Judge the lost tribes by their works and let us return to rebuild tsion!!


  2. Dan Rhodes
    September 29, 2019 @ 6:34 am

    I have never seen so much lack of knowledge in Christian people. I taught a one hour class from the Prophets, and how the Word affects the present day world. The people were very interested and seemed hungry for more teaching, and they expressed that to me. Most didn’t read, much less researched the Holy Word. Whatever they are taught, they take as the truth. Many seem to believe the Ten Commandments are not for today, I really am amazed. Another example concerns The Passover. They use Easter in place of Passover; I brought this up to a leader, or Pastor, and he refused to recognize his wrong. These people I know by name; but I feel like I am an out cast because of what I know to be the Word of Hashem. I know I am jumping around, but I needed to write someone who understands. My heart cannot be satisfied until we are home in Israel; but in Hashem’s perfect timing.


    • OvadYah Avrahami
      October 1, 2019 @ 7:22 pm

      Lack of in-depth knowledge of the Bible is not just a problem in Christianity. A prominent Jerusalem Rabbi has recently written as follows in response to one of our articles: “Unfortunately many Jewish people have appalling ignorance of TaNaKh and world and Israelite history and manifest a serious blind spot when it comes to talk about the ‘Ten Tribes’, which is particularly surprising with all the talk of ‘Mashiach’ and ‘Geulah’ Redemption etc. I don’t know who is going to put themselves in the firing line and try to educate the ‘observant’ Jewish communities in these subjects and at the very least treat the very many [non-Jews] who are knocking at the doors of the Torah world with basic human respect giving them the benefit of the doubt and giving thanks to the Almighty that after millennia of oppression from all around us, at last people that may look, talk and act like ‘Goyim’ are actually coming to us and asking to be taught more about the Torah. It is understandable why many Jews would have terrible suspicions about ‘Ten Tribers’ particularly since some are vociferous believers in Jesus, which is an immediate put-off to the majority of orthodox Jews. “We all need more humility and patience and willingness to listen carefully to one another and see how we can build bridges.”

      This is the Vision and strategy also of KOL HATOR. Your assistance and co-operation in achieving this will be highly appreciated and beneficial to the Plan of HaShem for humanity.

      The matter of HaShem’s Timing in this, we presume and understand to be applicable as to all else in His stated Purpose in the Scriptures: “TODAY if you hear my Voice …” HaShem is no doubt waiting on us to get on with establishing Peace and Goodwill – especially amongst His divided people but also amongst all humanity.


    • Theresa
      October 16, 2019 @ 6:45 pm

      Shalom Dan…I too have experienced much of what you say. My husband and I feel like astronauts in our community. When you do the Moed’im and especially you eschew unkosher foods and dishes you really feel like an astronaut! Yes, G-d gives us chen (grace) and chazak (strength) . The lack of understanding of basic concepts of the Bible is appalling. The lack of appetite for study is something that I’ve noticed. This is a new phenomena I think. Even before we got the knowledge of the Hebraic Roots of our faith we were study-ers.
      This was in 1995. Now in 2019…it’s a whole different world. However…this makes it easier to see those who are hearing the call of the shofar. Be ready for any good work that Hashem would give you and be serious. Also, learn Hebrew and collect books. Shalom Aleichem …


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