Revelations on Messiah ben Yosef – Gaon #5

Daniel ch. 7 for reconciliation between Judaism and NT Messianics

By OvadYah Avrahami

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Dan. 7:13 onwards present 2 stages of the Vision by Daniel of “One like the Son of Man coming on the Clouds.”  Verse 14 confirms a singular Person fulfillment: “And there was given him dominion, and glory, and a kingdom, that all the peoples, nations, and languages should serve him; his dominion is an everlasting dominion, which shall not pass away, and his kingdom that which shall not be destroyed.”

*Note Ref. –The Aramaic term used in the Hebrew Tanach in this text for “Son of Man,” is ‘Bar Enosh’. Ref. to the links at the foot of this article for comprehensive and enlightening information.

Christians claim that this “One like the Son of Man’ refers to their Messiah whom they claim is the ‘Son of God’ coming to rule in God’s Kingdom.  Daniel though, saw something in this Vision that disturbed and very much affrighted him.  The Angel then explains it to him and we read repeated confirmations from verse 18 – 27 that this “one like the Son of Man” who will rule over the nations in God’s Eternal Kingdom is “the Saints (Kidushim) elected by HaShem” – thus a Group Body of People.

Please note, that the first description in verse 13,14 does not refer to a Mashiach together with a Group of people on the Cloud. We must thus conclude that verses 13,14 refer to that same GROUP of People as “One like the Son of Man.”- thus, descriptive of the nature of this Body of People, as in a metaphor or parable. As we would say:”the man fights like a tiger,” does not infer that he is a tiger.  Or, “one like a beggar”.- it could be a rich person, dressed like a beggar.

Note also, that nowhere in this section of Daniel does it refer to this Ruler as “The Mashiach”.  However, ancient Jewish Sages also gave this statement in Daniel a Messianic linkage – while the Hebrew Scriptures never use the word Mashiach anywhere in the Hebrew Scriptures for a Personage that both Christianity and Judaism claim to apply to “A Mashiach.”  Here is a comprehensive Rabbinic commentary with this shocking confirmation. This entire concept and term is a product of Oral interpretation of the Written Word of God.

It is important to note that the great Jewish Sage, Rashi, concludes about this “One like the Son of Man,” that it is the Mashiach. Thus, perhaps inadvertently, Rashi confirmed that this Ruling Body of elected Saints will be the Ru8ling ‘Mashiach’!

And this is what our post in this topic and our recent delvings into the writings of the Great Gaon of Vilna also claim! – i.e. that the Mashiach will not be an individual Persona but a Group Body of People, divinely elected and mandated to Rule “as God” over the Nations!

Should we wonder why Daniel was so overwhelmed by this Vision that he almost fainted?

Daniel 7 interpretations by both Judaism and Christian promotors clearly reflect great conflicting versions about the identity of this “Mashiach.”  Daniel, who presented these intriguing visions and prophecies about the future of God’s people and the Coming World Rule, is also told in Dan. 12:4 to seal the book (of Prophecies) – until the End Time when knowledge will increase.  Commentators of all Faiths are almost unanimous on the fact that we have reached the End Time with Final Redemption now almost in sight. We should therefore now expect these mysteries to become rvealed.

As promotors of the insights and revelations that the Gaon of Vilna proclaimed about the Divine Mandate of the Mashiach ben Yosef as an  awakening and restorative Movement to bring the exiles of both Houses of Israel Home;  and in our efforts to promote reconciliation and re-uniting of the two estranged Houses of Israel, we now dare to raise the following Question – and as a suggestion:

Why should Jews and New Testament believers (that section of Christianity which has been waking up to the need for Torah Restoration and submission to Judah’s Divine Mandate of Judicial ruling), not bury the hatchet between them about their misunderstanding of the Issue that so divides them today: i.e. The Messiah, the Stumbling Block and Rock of Offence? Why not concentrate on serving the Creator God of Israel, and preparing themselves for that Great Calling of being God’s Ruler over the nations?

Ref Sources for info on ‘Bar Enosh’ –Son of Man:

Selected results:    re, Bar Enosh  do. Rashi re. Mashiach is Body of people

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