Weekly Parashah

Weekly Torah Reading Commentaries

Our commentaries search the Bible’s Messages for the Return of the Lost House of 10-Israel and their reconciliation with Judah – i.e. The Geulah or Redemption of Israel.

Parashot and Haftarot

The Annual reading Cycle of the Scriptures

Parashiyot (singular Parashah) – 52 weekly sections of the Torah (first 5 Books of the Bible) read on an annual recurring basis according to an ancient Jewish program.  Each Parashah is named after the first Hebrew word of that section, e.g starting the annual program after the festival of Succot from Genesis 1:1: “In the beginning” – Bereisheet – thus named Parashat ‘Bereisheet’.

Haftarot (singular haftarah) – from the root  פטר  p-t-r ‘to conclude’) is the name given to certain biblical selections (from the Bible Books of Prophecies mainly) which are read after the Parashah of the day at Shabbat and festival services. It stems from an ancient set program compiled by the Jewish Sages to accompany the 52 week Cycle of Parashot.  the never ending and constantly repeating Reading and Study Cycle invigorates Bible students with a special chain-like Message of Redemption – leading up to the Final Redemption, the Restoration of Israel and the establishment of the Universal Kingdom of the God of Israel, the Creator.

Amazing Prophetic fulfillment

As we have seen with 9th Av Prophecy, there has been a historic continuing fulfillment of awesome happenings right up to and in this Time that we are living and approaching the Final Redemption. Similarly, it is no less than supernatural how the Biblical Message and Guidance of the weekly Parashot Cycles are fulfilled in current weekly World News Events and the progressive advancement towards Final Redemption of the Nation and Land of Israel and its Message serving as a Light unto the Nations.

Of course, in the end, it is the individual personal involvement and spiritual development that is important to us all. While weekly Rabbinic commentaries on the Parashot are in abundance, eased by the Internet communications these days, there seems to be a neglected area of a lack of weekly commentaries on the accompanying Haftarot and their guidance for us towards Final Redemption. We shall therefore endeavour in our weekly Newsletter to seek and present such Scriptural guidance from the abundant informed Torah sources that are available to us today and correlate it to current News events where possible.


DISCLAIMER – the authors and promoters of the articles and videos that we place here are mostly not connected in any way to KOL HATOR and may well not share our views and interpretations. We do however thank them for their insight and pointers that confirm our understanding and often broaden our insight.

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Rather, Kol HaTor strives to influence re-identifying 10-Tribers to abandon the churches and return to the synagogues, to their Hebraic Roots of the Original One True Faith, to Torah and to Jewish Halachah and Rabbinic authority.

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