Kol HaTor

The Voice of the Turtledove

Kol HaTor –
The Voice of the Turtledove

The Greatest Event that the world has ever seen is now taking shape

The regathering and rebirth of Re-united 12-tribed Israel as foretold 3000 years in advance in the Bible.

This Event, according to hints given in the Bible, is to take place when the Voice of the Turtle Dove (Kol HaTor) is discerned. In addition, the main theme of Prophecy throughout the Bible entails the formation through the return from exile across the world, of that seemingly invincible nation, the Jews – or, in its broader Biblical application – the full 12-Tribed nation of Israel.

It is our considered opinion, based upon our understanding of Biblical prophecy in relation to some amazing developments in the world today, that the signs of the era of Kol HaTor are now becoming clearly distinguishable. 

This Event to astound the world is amply confirmed in the writings of Torah sages many centuries before there were any signs of such fulfillment of Prophecy. It entails the miraculous restoration of an entire nation to be based on the original intention of G-d – a nation, the remnant of which (Judah) had been invincibly linked to the very Scriptures which foretold their history in advance – the nation of Israel

The return of Jews to their Homeland since 1948, after 2000 years of exile and persecution amongst the nations is indeed such a Miracle.  But, as if this was not miraculous enough, Kol Hator announces the national formation of even more absurd proportions:  The Re-identifying of the ‘other House of Israel’ consisting of 10 ‘Lost’ Tribes, exiled into oblivion and dispersed amongst the nations of the entire world for the last 2700 years!

The Bible foretold their Return also, as part of the Redemption Plan.

In fact, this Return has already started!

Over the last few years we have witnessed the Return to Israel of thousands of people who are the result of an awakening Tribal Identity. Thousands of individuals and whole families, from all over the world converted to Judaism and settled in Israel, drawn by a renewed interest in Torah and a passion to identify with Judaism.

Jeremiah 23:7 “So then, the days are coming,” declares HaShem, “when people will no longer say, ‘As surely as HaShem llives, who brought the Israelites up out of Egypt,’ but they will say, ‘As surely as HaShem lives who brought the descendants of Israel (ALL 12 Tribes) up out of the land of the north and out of all the countries where He had banished them.’ Then they will live in their own land.”

For those readers who do not see themselves to possibly be descendants of either of these two Houses (Judah and Israel), let us assure you that the Divine Plan is open to whomsoever wants to be part of the nation of the G-d of Israel – on condition that they abide by the Statutes and the Covenant underlying the ‘Kingdom of the G-d of Israel”. 

This Divine ‘Constitution’ is enshrined in the Torah of Israel. Its judicial interpretation has been Divinely mandated to the Tribe of Judah – the Jews and their spiritual leaders – today, the Rabbis – ref.  Judah the Mechoqeck (Lawgiver) of God.

The Bible presents a metaphor for this wider election in the recorded history of the Exodus when many Egyptians joined the Israelites (12 Tribes) in their Exodus from Egypt to the Promised Land. Throughout Written and Oral Torah there are numerous references to ‘the righteous of the nations’ to be regarded as part of the Hebrew nation and of the Kingdom of G-d.

CAUTIONARY NOTE – Before discarding this Message with contempt or resistance, be sure to read the comprehensive and clear Bible Confirmations of such a Return which we have extracted from the Bible:

  • 92 sections of onfirmations in the Bible (Tanach) each with multiple specifying texts.
  • Add to this, numerous metaphors and hints, like the entire record of Yosef, relating to this topic, as commonly interpreted by Rabbis and Bible teachers (Read the revelations by the Gaon of Vilna in his book “Kol HaTor”)
  • For 10 Tribers, many statements and parables in their New Testament Writings, like that also of the Prodigal Son’s Return, and many references hitherto hidden and/or misunderstood – including the very essence of “The Gospel”.

Jews also need to bear in mind that the Jewish Sages confirmed such a Return. Rabbis and Jews the world over know that this must happen, and they expect it to occur before or as part of the long-awaited Messianic Redemption.

For full details please read The Kol HaTor Vision.


Read more about this here: The evolution of the Second Exodus

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