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23 July. 2022 - This is an updated version of the same topic which we featured in our Newsletter of 7 May, 2021. The evidence for “Renewed Insight” is now even stronger as we are closing in on the Final Redemption (the Geulah) – the Climax of the Ages. As the full Picture of the Jig Saw Puzzle of the Ages is taking shape, it becomes easier to recognize where to fit the still missing parts. But this generally requires change and reconsideration of long-standing religious cultures that we all grew up in.

'Change' is not popularly accepted. The 'Renewed Insight' that our recent writings have constantly been referring to does not seem to be clear (or acceptable) to our readers, judging from the responses received. Our broad experience in the field with souls across the Earth who clearly are fulfilling the central theme of Prophecy by their renewed interest and acceptance of Torah and Judaism, and their return to the Land of Israel, reflects one foundational principle: i.e. the courage and zeal required to CHANGE.

Without drastic 180-degree changeon some foundational issues, there can be no Final Redemption – Geulah. The contents of this letter will serve to spell out as clearly as possible at this stage what this 'renewed insight' is about.

It reveals great ambiguity and gross misinterpretation of the factor which presents the major obstacle in the way of fulfilling the most sought-after event in Scripture: i.e. the "Coming of Mashiach,"

This 'Renewed Insight' entails the glaring though the hitherto unrecognized foundational fact that this word "Mashiach" does NOT appear in the original Hebrew Scriptures (the Tanach, 'Old Testament') to define this illustrious and sought after Personage. (Refer to Rabbi Skobac's revealing video review "The Word 'Mashiach' does not appear in the Scriptures," The reason for this is that the Author of these Scriptures, the Creator, 'God of Israel,' purposely concealed the Topic as He also hides His Presence (Shechinah) and Identity from mankind, even from His covenanted People. Yet, He presents explicit details in The Hebrew Scriptures, though also similarly hidden.

The Divine Purpose for this concealment could possibly be based on the foundational requirement for the Supreme Blessing for humanity: viz. the need to CHANGE - to qualify for Eternal Life, restored in the perfect Image of HaShem.

Let us try and spell out here this required CHANGE as prescribed by Prophecy: Change is what is required for His covenanted People to bring about, firstly, reconciliation in the three millennia Family Feud amongst the Tribes of Israel, the covenanted People of God, and secondly, the need for conforming to the primary Covenantal obligation of 'Sharing the Light' with all humanity.

This Renewed Insight seems to be gradually revealing a greatly misinterpreted concept of "A Mashiach' as held throughout the ages by Bible believers of various faiths. This Mashiach concept has in the last 2000 years of the NT Church age become the dividing factor that has obstructed reconciliation in the Israel Family Feudl viz. the division between the 10-Tribed 'House of Israel' and the 2-Tribed 'House of Judah.' The confusion, especially about the mysterious identity of this Personage, occurs not only between Judaism and Christianity but also within the two factions themselves. This 'Mashiach Obstruction' is rightly referred to in Scripture as "a Stumbling Block and a Rock of Offence for both Houses," in yet another Tanach reference that does not explicitly define it to 'the Mashiach,' thus leaving it for us to figure out.

Considering that the 'Lost House of 10-Tribed Israel' is undoubtedly mixed with the Gentile nations, the 'return to Torah' symptom which has been revealing itself over the last few decades amongst Christians puts the spotlight on 'relations between the Church and Judaism.' The 'Mashiach' controversy has raged for 2000 years between the two sectors, causing an irresolvable hostility to rage between the two.

This is where the CHANGE factor comes in for the requirement of 'reconciliation' to occur.
Blessedly, this 'Renewed Insight' factor has the potential to remove any threats, fears, and grudges on either side. If only both sides could realize how they have grossly miss-interpreted the 'Mashiach Concept' and that there is the Greatest of Blessings in store for those who can brave the CHANGE required for igniting reconciliation amongst the Family Nation of HaShem.

So what does this 'new insight' imply?
  1. Ps. 2 may be addressing the same issue when it refers to the opposition of the World against God and His Mashiach. Ps. 2 is the only text in the Hebrew Scriptures that uses the term ‘Mashiach’ – but without any further description about his identity or mandate. God scoffs at these opposing forces, declaring:
Ps. 2
It is this ruling King that Judaism has declared the “Mashiach” who will come ro rule over the nations. Interpretations of who Mashiach will be at his Coming varies from almost person to person in Judaism. Christianity, on the other hand, claims that Jesus (Yeshuah) has come 2000 years ago and will come the second time to rule as King in the Kingdom of the Most High. After 2000 years Christianity is still as divided as ever about who this “Messiah” truly is, Descriptions vary from him being a little higher than man to being the “Son” of the Almighty Father. Some say or believe that "he is God" – but not the Father on the Throne. Generally, Christianity exalts this “Son” above the Father – as the “True God.” Judaism vehemently rejects any such interpretations.

What do the Scriptures say?

The Hebrew Scriptures confirm that the “One Who will rule over the Nations” shall be “The One like The Son of Man" who shall rule over the Nations as HaShem in His Eternal Kingdom. The prophet Daniel gives a literal explanation of this “Ruler” (To who Ps. 2 also refers),. This vision so disturbed Daniel that he fainted. At his subsequent request, the vision was explained to him as being “the righteous ones (the Kedoshim or 'saints') who will be empowered by HaShem after the Day of Judgment, when He shall establish His Rule, through them, His Living Tabernacle, over the nations, in His Eternal Kingdom.

Our several weekly Parashiyot insights delved into this topic resulting in this ‘Renewed Insight.’ Daniel’s explanatory vision defines this concept of the mysterious “Mashiach or Ruling King” in the most explicit of terms, as follows:

Daniel 7
All other interpretations must ultimately adjust and conform to this by adapting and correcting their current conflict-ridden variations, which have caused so much division in the Family-nation of HaShem.

Being a topic that has been deliberately hidden in Scripture for revealing in the End Time (according to the Divine Promise given to Daniel in ch.12:4), it will require numerous in-depth studies and the necessary personal interest in the solution to challenge the CHANGE of current conflicting foundational concepts, in order to acquire the Answer.

A study source for this would be to back-track through our weekly Newsletters and to research the references and related article links in those materials.

A key study to assist in this is 'The Servant of God'.

Interested parties could participate further in this regard thru the Contact details provided here below. If interest requires, the creation of a study group could be considered. Please advise us if you are interested in sending us a note to this effect via the “Contact Us” facility on the Web Site.

May these messages assist in promoting the Unity to advance and proceed to the Final Redemption (Geulah} – the Time Period of which it seems that we are now entering towards the end of this 6th Millennium – the Time of Trouble, birth pangs of the Shabbat Millennium with all its Blessings …
Wishing you HaShem’s richest Blessings!

Co-founder, KOL HATOR Vision for the Restoration of the re-united 12-Tribed Kingdom of Israel

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Parashat Pinchas
Numbers 25:10 – 30:1
Haftarah Pinchas
1 Kings 18:46 – 19:21
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