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We have learnt from last week’s Bible Reading (Parashat Terumah) about the Divine Purpose for Mankind – and the Divine yearning of the Creator to live amongst His People by His indwelling of the Mishkan (Tabernacle). Prophecy hints at the astounding idea that this future Mishkan could be the human tabernacles of the Kedushim (Holy Ones) that will be elected in the Final Judgment. They will be fully indwelt by His Spirit and serve as His Ruling Power over the nations in His Universal Kingdom. In this way, they will fulfill His Desire for “His Servant” to be a Light unto the Nations of His Will (Torah).

This week’s Parashat Tetzaveh expounds further on this topic. It lays the foundations to create awareness amongst His People of their reciprocal duty to share and teach Torah to all mankind. Listen to this enlightening teaching by Rabbi Shlomo Riskin in his commentary on Tetzaveh (Click to open).

CAUTIONARY – While Torah observance is vital in order to comply with the Creator’s Will for Mankind, i.e. the ‘citizens Rules’ or House Rules for His followers, there is a Red Flag Warning to be observed. “Torah Observance,” often and generally, becomes an object of worship for its dedicated followers – while they lose true insight of the real Divine Purpose which is: Faith in the Creator, as the foundation of Life abundant. Rabbi Cordoza in a recent Newsletter stressed this ‘loss of direction’ by religions. He writes:

“While the Church and the Synagogue continued to observe their prayer services, traditions, rituals, and customs, they no longer emphasized that all these traditions are to be a response to the question of dealing with the mystery of all existence and the awe the entire existence should generate. The average leadership of the Church, and the Synagogue, did not realize this and therefore did not respond to this question in a meaningful, encompassing manner (although there were individual exceptions).

Rather, these spiritual institutions made an unfortunate substitution. Instead of emphasizing the purpose of the religious traditions, they decided to join those who offered religious self-assurance and religious contentment. They offered creed instead of deep faith, discipline instead of true worship, habit instead of love. They ignored the crisis of so many modern human beings who were looking for meaning but received dogma and religious authority instead of spiritual authenticity. They worshipped the splendor of the past, instead of offering a way to challenge the future and shatter the (material) idols of today. These spiritual institutions stopped challenging ideologies that saw the purpose of human beings as searching for as much comfort, luxury, and ease as possible (Abraham Joshua Heschel, Essential Writings, edited by Susannah Heschel).

These spiritual institutions forgot that it is the task of religion to “disturb” the complacency of human beings. Instead, religion was now utilized to acquiesce to these material attitudes and in fact support them so as to find favor in the eyes of the masses.

Thus, religion was turned on its head and it traveled in the wrong direction, becoming irrelevant for the many seekers looking for guidance and to discover deep meaning in their lives. Once I had come to this realization, I understood that “To be Naught” with regard religious belief was not an option at all—for it was nothing more than an attempt to justify not looking for the deeper meaning of life.

To ignore that there is more to life than just contentment hinders the most precious part of human existence. Or in the beautiful words of Rabbi Dr. Louis Jacobs: “Who wants a life of contentment? Religion throughout the ages has been used to comfort the troubled. We should now use it to trouble the comfortable” (Jerusalem Post, December 4, 2007).”

May these messages assist in promoting the Unity to advance and proceed the Final Redemption (Geulah} – the Time Period of which it seems that we are now entering towards the end of this 6th Millennium – the Time of Trouble, birth pangs of the Shabbat Millennium with all its Blessings …
Wishing you HaShem’s richest Blessings!

Co-founder, KOL HATOR Vision for the Restoration of the re-united 12-Tribed Kingdom of Israel

This Week’s Parashah:

Parashat Tetzaveh (‘You shall command’) .
Exodus 27:20 – 30:10
Haftarah Tetzaveh
Ezekiel 43:10 - 27
NOTE – To see the Hebrew text, ensure that you select the Hebrew version option on the Mechon Mamre Web Pages

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