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We are diverting this week from our hitherto customary structuring of our weekly Newsletter to the weekly Parashah.

Why? Because of the immensely revealing insight that protruded from just the first three weekly Parshiyot this year, i.e. Bereisheet, Noach, and Lech Lecha. It is almost as if these 3 opening sections of the annual Torah Readings encompass the entire Divine Plan of the Creator, ‘the entire Gospel’ as our New Testament Messianic audience will say. It is almost like shouting: “Stop the bus! Let us encamp right here before proceeding and let us first fully digest what has been laid on the Table before us!”

For me personally, it was experiencing great confirmation of new awarenesses (Chiddushim) that I have been encountering and wrote about lately. It was right there, in the first pages of the Torah which I have been reading intensively for the last 60 years which have changed my life 180 degrees. I never saw and realized this linkage before! It now confirmed for me from the first pages of the Bible, that which I have found deeper into the Writings. But – it goes even deeper. These Chiddushim raised serious questions for me, controversial questions which I had no one to confirm for me or to bounce rational discussions off. Rather, the questions became more serious with further confirmations of my controversial yet so logical awarenesses rolling out from all over – mostly, from Rabbinical sources and commentaries. No sharing responses – just further confirmations!

Then, stumbling across a Rabbinic video commentary this week, dated 2014 (with less than 400 reading viewers since 25 Oct 2014 – almost exactly 7 years ago to the date – and NO comments yet!). It came my way a few days ago! The least I can do is to try and share it with you – those who truly seek full understanding, irrespective of our cultural foundations of traditional ‘Holy Doctrines’ which are “not to be questioned!”

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ABOUT the Author – Rabbi Asher Meza is an orthodox Rabbi with proper Smichah (ordination) – no matter the vile criticism he receives. He is unpopular merely because he speaks out – NOT anti-Halacha or anti-Rabbinic. Whatever he claims, he can eruditely confirm from Jewish Sages sources writings. I came to know him through an audio video interview he recorded with me regarding the Restoration of the 2-Houses of Israel and the Ingathering and return of 10-Israel. He did NOT agree with our views on the topic – but it does not earn him our rejection. You can view this video here

Rabbi Meza is powerful in his rejection of some Rabbinic teachings – which we agree with him – like the Noahide 7-Law Covenant which earns him much discredit from Rabbinic circles. He is not fazed by non-Jews who seek to observe Torah and even assists them with non-formal conversion to Judaism – their next-best option before HaShem. He does NOT take short-cuts on formal Jewish Torah Halachah. He does NOT promote rebellious Rabbinic Replacement. He simply believes that Torah is for ALL humanity (like KHT proclaims also) and dedicates all his efforts to the promotion thereof.

This all have to be said in order to stealth you against the wave of rejection that he receives and which may close your mind to the Revealing Truth hidden in this Bereisheet commentary of his from the first Pages of Torah. What is important for this discussion, is his revelatory insight into Haftarat Bereisheet, the very 1st portion of the Torah which it now becomes evident is so overwhelmingly encompassing the entire (though much hidden) True Divine Plan with Creation, i.e. to Create mankind IN THE IMAGE of HaShem, the Almighty Creator and Ruler of the Universe! And THIS in fact holds the entire Solution behind all seeking about LIFE. And HaShem shall achieve His Purpose to perfect mankind in His Image ... as revealed in the book of Jeremiah ch. 31 – AFTER the completion of the Ingathering of the 12-Tribed Nation of Israel - AFTER the achieving by HaShem of the Final Redemption (the Geulah) - refer: (Oh my! Just tracing this link here right now, to find that it comes from…. take a Guess? Parashat Noach ... our commentary from last year, 2020. Once more! Confirmation of how the Entire Divine Plan is foundational to these 3 ‘introductory’ Parshiyot! I wrote that last year – and I now know that I did not fully realize what I was saying at the time. Rightly, HaShem says – in this very Haftarat Bereisheet from Isaiah, Isa. 42:19, “Who is blind but My Servant, and deaf like the Messenger I send? Who is blind like the one in covenant with Me, blind like the Servant of HaShem?

It is all about this 'Servant' - but WHO is this Servant and what is its purpose? Both Judaism and Christianity have created a concept of "A Messiah" to be Divinely designated with the culminating Achievement of Creation. What they have achieved in doing so, is to build 'a Stone of Stumbling', a 'Rock of Offence' which resulted in death and division for millennia in the very Family (Nation) of the Creator! They are blinded from recognizing and participating with the Creator's Intent of perfecting Mankind in His Own Image.

This will be "The Mashiach" - that Body of souls elected by HaShem in the Final Judgment and imbued fully by His Spirit to serve as a Living Temple for Him to 'live amongst His People and rule over the Nations."

KHT Commentary on Haftarat Bereisheet – Rav Asher Meza

Rav Meza opens the discussion with commenting on the relevancy of the Haftarot with regard to each Parashah that it has been linked to. The Haftarot are specific Tanach sections (mostly from the Prophecies) that have been ‘programmatically’ linked to the weekly Parshiyot Readings by the ancient Jewish High Court. Though he somewhat negates the relevancy of these pared groupings, we have previously commented on the amazing insight that these Haftarat Readings paired with the Torah Readings afford. Unfortunately, Haftarot reviews are generally neglected and not interpretively reviewed in weekly Rabbinic commentaries today. It is almost like these Haftarot from the Prophecies cast current light on the Readings through their virtual fulfillment often in current World News Events of that week. A typical example has been with the Israeli forced evacuation of Gush Katif by Ariel Sharon in 2005. The 2-paired Readings of that specific awesome week both testified of this horrid event of forced Jewish evacuation from the Promised Land. How many souls realized that or observed that at the time? For, we are ‘blind and deaf.’

In summary, it is just amazing how these pairs of readings often link together beyond our notice even. And that applies to Haftarat Bereisheet also. I never realized, to date, how that the revealing section of Isaiah’s 10-20 chapters (from 40 – 60) about the formation by HaShem of “His Servant” in the “Latter Times”, actually form the Haftarat Readings for all three these initial 3 Parshiyot! Bereisheet, Noach and Lech Lechah! It is this concept of the “Servant” which these chapters of Isaiah revealed for me, that defines the Identity of the actual “Mashiach” Body that Scripture refers to – but NOT by the use of the word “Mashiach”. It appears that this “Mashiach” which so divides the Jewish and Christian people today (the Housing bastions of 'the House of Judah' – Jews, and 'the House of Israel' – 10-Tribes exiled amongst the Gentiles) is simply a totally misinterpreted concept created by Judah and copied by Christians to define “A Kingly Ruler, a human being, who will sit on the Throne of David to rule in HaShem’s Universal Kingdom in the New World Dispensation to Come.” The true concept of this “Mashiach” which is now becoming clear, is none other than that Body of overcoming and Divinely empowered souls who will be elected by HaShem, imbued fully with His Spirit AFTER the Final Judgment (and the Geulah), to become a Living Human Temple in which God will dwell and Live amongst His People to rule over the Nations.

For this to happen, it requires the Reconciliation of the divided family of Israel (2 Houses at enmity with each other since 2700 years ago). This has to happen mainly across the ‘barrier’ of an expected ‘Mashiach’ upon whom they are greatly divided. Much blood has been let by NT Messianic followers by their persecution of Jews in the Name of such ‘a Mashiach’ who, at best, has been greatly miss-interpreted by both sides of the Family feud!

All this, while they are supposed to reconcile as the ‘Family’ of the ONE ONLY True God Who “knows no other God or Saviour’ but Himself! How sad and wasteful!

It is important t0 note WHO this Haftarah Bereisheet is addressed to by HaShem:

Isa. 42:1
Rabbi Meza then draws some revealing conclusions as to what this is all about, from
Isa. 42:6,
“I am HaShem. I have called you for a righteous purpose, and I will hold you by your hand. I will watch over you, and I will appoint you to be a covenant for the people and a light to the Goyim (Hebrew = Gentiles, Nations)",

And bear in mind: we are talking about the first chapter of the Torah; the Creation Record, the Purpose of Creation. The entire Divine Plan which unfolds at the Creation of Man, viz. God creating Man in His Image, with a free mind to choose – and eventually to become perfected, by free choice, in His Image – to become God! This is the Servant whom He is formatting who will become the Light unto the nations! The Ruling Force of the World to Come! “Sons and Daughters of God” – NOT a “Mashiach” with whatever concept mankind has credited to ‘him’.

May these messages assist in promoting the Unity to advance and proceed the Final Redemption (Geulah} – the Time Period of which it seems that we are now entering towards the end of this 6th Millennium – the Time of Trouble, birth pangs of the Shabbat Millennium with all its Blessings ..
Wishing you HaShem’s richest Blessings!

Co-founder, KOL HATOR Vision for the Restoration of the re-united 12-Tribed Kingdom of Israel

This Week’s Parashah:

Parashat Vayeira Genesis 18,1-22,24
Haftarah Vayeira 2 Kings 4,1-37
(2 Kings 4,1-23)

NOTE – To see the Hebrew text, ensure that you select the Hebrew version option on the Mechon Mamre Web Pages
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