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Does perfect Final Truth in religion truly exist?

The major section of mankind rejects “religion” as a factor of Life altogether. The rest are divided amongst various ‘Faiths’, each sector believing that they only have the Truth. Any additional consideration of deeper or wider Truth is only done in personal,
favoured sectors. Inter-faith consideration is frowned upon and mostly derogated – which is fine once one has found the Final Truth! It seems however, that HaShem in His Chen, Chesed, v’Rachamim (Compassion and Grace) considerations, has included that as a final requirement – especially for the End Time Reconciliation. Such inter-faith consideration - not necessarily for change of any religion but more so for inter-personal considerations; looking upon the heart and soul of people rather than rejecting each other in opposing faiths. Such compassionate human relations should then breed the necessary evolution to the One True Faith of the Creator for it reflects the compassion and love of the Creator for all of His children who fail His requirements and directives for Blessed Life.

These days, sadly, there is another overruling human attitude. With knowledge blessedly overflowing and drowning us, there is, what may be referred to as “The Facebook” mentality, i.e. “Tell me in a phrase – not even a sentence. Don’t waste my time with paragraphs”; and worse, “with essays. “. The general attitude is: “I have the Truth and you will find it of you seek for it.”

In a brilliant review based on this week’s Parashah, Eikev, Rabbi Dr Jonathan Sacks presented an enlightening review of the Key Factor which alone can bring more light onto the Final Truth: ‘Shemah’ – listen, consider, hear.

You can read the full article here:
The Secret of finding ultimate Truth is to listen, hear, consider

A Rabbinic insight into what the Final Truth really entails

Rav Dror offers a comprehensive review of what Final Truth really entails,

TheCreator’s Love is Not Dependent on Our Actio

He sketches the full story behind Personal Identification as "A Child of the Creator."
Find your Creator's Purpose and His Aim for YOUR Life. Recognize your true Identity as one of the sheep of His Fold of whom He is the Good Shepherd. The first 35 minutes of this video is for those of the Jewish Faith, or for humanity general. The last part of this video is for those Lost and Captive souls of the Lost 10-Tribed 'House of Israel' who were exiled into oblivion 2700 years ago and lost all Hebrew Identity. For the latter part of this video, directed at re-awakening Torah Restorers ('Ephraim'), there is a shortened extract from this video. Go to:
Here's how the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel will return. Are you one of them?

Discover the true identity and placement of that great wave of souls in the World who are currently restoring Torah Truths in their lives. If you are non-Jewish and reading here, chances are that you are one of them.

In the light of Rabbi Sack’s accent on the most important concept of “Shemah” (hear, consider - as discussed here above), the question now arises for those who have found so much of the Final Truth already: Is there not a Divine expectation of you then to share the Faith with all of mankind. How shall they ‘hear’ if no one tells or guides them?

That leads us to conclude that the inherent Message in the “Shemah” concept is:

for the True Reawakening Ten Triber and Jewish soul captured in exile amongst the nations, to return fully to the Divine Purpose intended for you; and
- for the Jewish soul, faithfully bound to the long-standing Torah culture, to realize your Divinely required responsibility to “your neighbour” – which includes the above category and mankind in general;
- for all who have ‘heard’ the Divine Call and responded to it, to share it with the World out there – all part of the same Family, the Children of the Creator.

Surely, this is the basic Divine Intent underlying HaShem’s election of Avraham and his line of descendants, to be His channel of Testimony in the World for all mankind? It also underlies the creation ofHis Servant during the Final stages of the six millennia of ‘Creation’ in the run up to the Final Redemption and the establishment of His Living Tabernacle to rule over the nations from the 7th Shabbat Millennium onwards, for Eternity?

Is there an obligation on us to talk, teach and share?

Eze 3:17-19. ′′ Son of man [probably referring to that “One like the Son of Man coming on the cloud - Daniel 7], I appointed you as keeper for the House of Yisrael; whenever you hear a Message from My Mouth, you must warn them on behalf of Me.
18 When I say to the evil offender, ′′ You will surely die and you do not warn him or speak to warn the evil offender regarding his evil way of life that he can live, that evil offender will die in his transgressions, But I will claim his blood from your hand.
19 Yet if you warned the evil offender and he does not turn from his evil or from his evil way of life, he will die in his transgressions, but you have delivered yourself.”

May these messages assist in promoting the advance of the Final Redemption (Geulah – the Time Period of which it seems that we are now entering towards the end of this 6th Millennium – with the Shabbat Millennium dawning with all its Blessings.
Wishing you HaShem’s richest Blessings!

Co-founder, KOL HATOR Vision for the Restoration of the re-united 12-Tribed Kingdom of Israel
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This Week’s Parashah:

Parashat Eikev Deuteronomy 7:12 – 11:25
Haftarah Eikev Isaiah 49:14 – 51:3

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This week’s Parashat commentary from the KOL HATOR library archive:
Parashat Eikev commentary

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The Creator';s Love is not dependent on our actions

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