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The ‘renewed insight’ that our recent writings have been referring to does not seem to be clear (or acceptable) to many of our readers, judging from responses received. ‘Change’ is not popularly accepted. Our broad experience in the field with souls across the Earth who clearly are fulfilling the major theme of Prophecy by their renewed interest and acceptance of Torah and Judaism, and their urge to return to the Land of Israel, reflects one foundational principle: i.e. the courage and zeal to CHANGE after challenging long-held cultural beliefs.

Without drastic 180 degrees change, there can be no Final Redemption – Geulah much as every religious culture believes that only they are right. In this case, we are referring especially to the Jewish and Christian traditional religious cultures - BOTH need serious reconsideration on this topic of "The Mashiach' and CHANGE to bring about the Geulah.
The contents of this letter will serve to spell out as clearly as possible at this stage, what this ‘renewed insight’ is about.

It reveals great ambiguity and gross misinterpretation of the factor which presents the major obstacle in the way of fulfilling the most sought after event for believers in the Scriptures: i.e. the “Coming of Mashiach,”

This ‘Renewed Insight’ entails the glaring though hitherto unrecognized foundational fact that this word “Mashiach” does NOT appear in the original Hebrew Scriptures (the Tanach, ‘Old Testament’) to define this illustrious and sought after Personage. The reason for this is that the Author of these Scriptures, the Creator, ‘God of Israel’ purposely concealed the Topic, as He conceals Himself – though yet presenting explicit details similarly hidden. The Divine Purpose for this concealment could well be based on the very foundational requirement for the Supreme Blessing for humanity: viz. CHANGE - to qualify for Eternal Life, restored in the perfect Image of HaShem. To spell out now: this CHANGE, as prescribed by Prophecy, is determined for His covenanted People to be brought about Firstly, reconciliation in the 3 millennia Family Feud amongst the Tribes of Israel, the covenanted People of God, and secondly, conforming to the basic Covenantal obligation of ‘Sharing the Light’ with all humanity.

The greatly misinterpreted concept of “A Mashiach’ has been the dividing factor that obstructs reconciliation. Considering that the ‘Lost House of 10-Tribed Israel’ is undoubtedly mixed with the Gentile nations, the ‘return to Torah’ symptoms which have been revealed over the last few decades amongst Christians put the spotlight on ‘relations between the Church and Judaism’. The destructive ‘Mashiach’ controversy which has raged for 2000 years between the two sectors has resulted in an ever-increasing worsening of these relations for the requirement of ‘reconciliation’.

This is where the CHANGE factor comes in.

This ‘Renewed Insight’ factor blessedly removes any threats, fears, and grudges on either side when it is realized that both sides have grossly miss-interpreted their ‘Mashiach’ and that there is the Greatest of Blessings in store for those who can brave the CHANGE required to bring reconciliation in the Family People of HaShem, i.e. the fact that there is ONE Only True God of Israel Whom both sides are in fact worshipping - but according to screwed up interpretations of His True Identity. After all - HE hides Himself and it is for the serious-minded followers to find Him.

So what does this ‘new insight’ point to? This is the answer that Ps. 2 also underscores: viz. The One like “The Son of Man” who shall rule over the Nations as HaShem in His Eternal Kingdom are the righteous ones (the Kedoshim or ‘saints’) who will be empowered by HaShem after the Day of Judgment, when He establishes His Rule (through them, His Living Tabernacle) on the Eighth Day (Millennium). All other interpretations have to ultimately adjust and conform to this by correcting their current conflict-ridden interpretations which have caused so much division in the Family-nation of HaShem.

Being a topic that has been deliberately hidden in Scripture for revealing in the End Time (Daniel 12:4), it will require numerous in-depth studies and the necessary personal interest in the solution, to acquire the Answer.

A study source for this would be to back-track through the weekly Newsletters on the Kol Hator Web Site and to research the references and related article links in those materials.

A key study to assist in this is The Servant of God’.

Interested parties could contact further in this regard thru the Contact details provided on this Web Site. If interest requires, the creation of a study group could be considered.

What an exalted Great Calling!
Wishing you HaShem’s richest Blessings!

Co-founder, KOL HATOR Vision for the Restoration of the re-united 12-Tribed Kingdom of Israel
NOTE – The views and opinions expressed by the author are not necessarily shared by the Rabbinic Associates of KOL HATOR VISION. These views are the personal conclusions of the author based on the Rabbinic sources quoted in the article and elsewhere on this Web Site.

This Week’s Parashah:

Parashat Behar Lev. 25:1 – 26:2
Haftarah Behar Jeremiah 32:6 - 27

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May this Parashah inspire us to become the Kidushim (Holy ones, righteous ones) to receive the Eternal Gift of ruling with the God of Israel, as His Living Tabernacle – to possess the Kingdom for ever, even foe ever and ever.

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