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Commentators of all Faiths have a great problem with considering opposing opinions or ideas that may rattle their cultural cages – that while they all blame each other of being imprisoned by such an attitude which withholds souls from finding greater Truth or development. As an awakening Call, HaShem declares repeatedly about His privileged “Servant” whom He is preparing for a prime role in the End Time events of the Final Redemption, how that this Servant is “blind and deaf” (Isa. 42:18,19) – even those who are in covenant with Him!

Surely HaShem expects them to be open to advancing Truth – especially seeing that Prophetic Scripture determined that such renewed knowledge would be sealed until the approach of the End Times (Daniel 12:4)? Sadly the majority of religious-minded souls choose the way that the rest of mankind out there has chosen, namely, “No interest at all.” Add to this disturbing factor the fact that the lie and fake information are far more acceptable to the masses than Truth. This is eruditely confirmed in a recent research project about the disturbing spread of false Media information in this historic advanced time of internet availability to the masses to be manipulated for evil purposes. Fake information according to this research project travels 20 times faster (and in a transcending multiplying effect) than Truth – while the majority does not seek at all but are content to stick to their currently held convictions or to be led by their noses with fake information. They further assist in promoting or confirming such ill-truths or stagnated truths. The Creator has destined LIFE and its principles to progress - and these are the clear directives of the current series of Parashiyot.

Against this background of HaShem’s Redemptive Truth with an earnings Reward of Eternal Life for achievers, we come this week to a Parashah which carries a Message specifically about conformance requirements for qualifying for this Reward: and it reflects very little interest, judging from viewers and readers stats on a very wide front. Not surprisingly, it is a very involved, complicated, and unresolved mind baffling topic – Parashat Tazriah. The following factors make it rank for serious consideration though:
  • It forms part of a chain-thought laid down by the underlying Parashiyot sequence of Shemini, Tazriah and Metzorah – all related to deep and hither-to hidden main Topics concerning the Final Redemption and the New World Dispensation to come. As such then, surely to be of Prime Importance for striving souls, and deserving deep contemplation.
  • Chances are that the hidden truths underlying these ‘dry’ Topics may well reveal enlightening and soul uplifting, rejoicing and ‘liberating’ refreshed understanding of hitherto hidden Mysteries – Truths that will serve as life-sustaining oases in the Wilderness. We have seen this in last week’s Parashat Shemini Commentary by Rabbi Shimon Felix – ref. last week’s Newsletter and Rabbinic Commentary further down in that Newsletter.
This is the strategy applied by our Creator to feed those who seek Him and His True Purpose for mankind: It requires sincere interest, backed by diligent search and serious consideration. It is NOT according to the Facebook mentality of: “Tell me the story in ONE sentence splashed on the wall for quick observation.” It requires wrestling with concepts, long-standing, firm personal convictions held, and an ernest desire for Truth. That, after all, is how individuals become successful in life: inventors, creators, conquerors. It amounts to a “grinding of teeth” in persistent, unrelenting Endeavour, trial and retrial.

Guiding thought line -

for this series and this week's Enlightening Conclusions suggested by KOL HATOR Vision for the Restoration of Re-united 12-Tribed Israel:
  • The all-important Shemini (Eighth Day) concept of Seven days of Creation followed by the New Dispensation of Fulfilment, i.e. the inauguration of the Perfect Mishkan (Temple) - a Living Temple of Divinely selected and empowered (by New Covenant Spirit-filled) souls, perfected in the Image of HaShem Himself, thus becoming HaShem (Elohim) Himself, to rule over the Nations. In this Way, the Shechinah (Presence of God Himself amongst His People) will "Return" after a "Seven-Day" Creation Period of "Re-birth" or perfection of His Creation of humanity. This challenges long-standing concepts and inspires renewed contemplation of the Purpose of the Shabbat Millennium and the Time Setting for the Return of His Shechinah (which departed at the Destruction of the 1st Temple - Ezekiel. ch. 10) and also the long-standing concept of the True Identity and the "Coming of The Mashiach" - certainly not what traditional Judaism and Christianity have concluded.
  • Comments welcomed.
Reading Options for this week -

DISCLAIMER – The authors of these commentaries are not connected in any way to KOL HATOR and may well not share our views and interpretations. We do however thank them for their insight and pointers that confirm our understanding and broaden our insight.
  1. Parashat Shemini – Rabbi Chaim Richman -
    The much hidden superlative 7-Day Festival of the Preparation of the Future Tabernacle for its inauguration on the Eight Day – i.e. the 1st of Abib (Nissan). This pre-figures the inauguration in the Eight Millennium, after Seven millennia of the perfection of souls to serve as the Living Tabernacle of HaShem, through whom He would live and rule amongst His People in His Eternal Kingdom.
    Start at 1 min. 30 secs. to skip the year 2020 calendar placement of this commentary.
- Torah Portion Shemini Tazriah Metzora - Rabbi Chaim Richman tying the three Parashiyot together. Start at 1min. 25 secs. to skip the year 2018 Calendar placement of this commentary.

- Parashat Tazria – Rabbi Shlomo Riskin - Rabbi Riskin’s insights into ParashatTazriah – God created the World imperfect in order to give man the opportunity to perfect it. This adds emphasis to the Shemini (Eighth Day) – Tazriah – Metzora underlying Message line of Seven Days (Millennia) to Create evolving into the Eighth Day (Age) of a New World Era.

- Here is a Christian source – for those of our readers who are still influenced by Christian theology. We place it here because of its unique Christian perspective of the Shemini (Eighth Day) Concept. The Eighth Day – the Ultimate Focus of God’s Plan

2. - You would do well to re-read last week’s Newsletter and Rabbinic Commentary on the deaths of Nadav and Avihu - further down in the Newsletter. It holds an unique Rabbinic view of a Divinely appreciated Sacrifice rather than Punishment, based on their “superior to Traditional obedience” attitude.

- Last year’s KHT Commentary on Tazriah

This is a LOT of Reading, yes!
- Success can come to those ONLY who persist in the achievement of the Truth to Eternal Life with “Blood, Sweat, Tears, and Prayer.”
- The Gold Reef was discovered a few feet beyond the point where the previous searcher gave up a long and strenuous Search digging!

PLEASE share your ideas, comments, questions, enlightenment as you review and participate in these Rabbinic Commentaries and the observations and Comments posted by KOL HATOR - publisher of this Newsletter. You can use the ‘Contact Us’ window on our Web Pages, or the e-mail address in the Contact Form. We all need that inspiration that can help us get serious about this Vital Concluding End Time.
Wishing you HaShem’s richest Blessings!

Co-founder, KOL HATOR Vision for the Restoration of the re-united 12-Tribed Kingdom of Israel
NOTE – The views and opinions expressed by the author are not necessarily shared by the Rabbinic Associates of KOL HATOR VISION. These views are the personal conclusions of the author based on the Rabbinic sources quoted in the article and elsewhere on this Web Site.

This Week’s Parashah

Parashat Tazriah Leviticus 12:1 – 13:59

Haftarah Tazriah 2 Kings 4:42 – 5:19

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