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This past week has seen the unfolding of further disturbing moves in the World from the Media Giants and the US political direction which is unfolding. These all hint at a New World Order. And of course, scare mongering from half-informed sources abound.

The question remains: Which way forward? Who has the answer?

This week we shall set out on an audacious suggestion which has been sprouting forth from a linked guideline protruding from our recent previous Parashot since Bereisheet 6 weeks ago. Our suggestion this week resolves from KHT’s sincere striving after the gaols that it has set for itself (as defined further down here). It is offered in a humble suggestive mood for your serious consideration. It is not thumb-sucked but based rather on overwhelming virtual evidence which amongst all nations is being revealed by a World Wide Phenomenon of a Torah restoration amongst multi millions of non-Jews from every nation on earth.

Kol Hator is just ‘another Voice in the Wilderness’ – and we present our views as such. The foundations underpinning our Platform are the following – and as such should deserve some serious consideration:
  • It is Geulah (Final Redemption) centred;
  • It is ‘Yoseph’ centred – the Yoseph who was the Family restorer, with a passion for bringing the 12 brothers (which included his recognition by his 11 brothers) across his outer Egyptian image. The 'Yoseph' wich Prophetic Scriptures foretell as being 'The Servant of HaShem' whom He will raise at the End Time to bring the Lost House of 10-Israeal back Home - the 'Servant' who will become the Living Mishkan (Tabernacle) in which He will dwell amongst His people and rule over the Nations in His New Kingdom dispensation.
  • It is Judah (Torah) centred and as such represents both authentic Judaism and to-Torah-returning Christians and Torah interested souls from all nations – and indeed it is universal population centred. While this characteristic makes it unpopular with all these categories mentioned, it should serve as a sobering thought that the Scriptures are overwhelming emphatic, even voicing God of Creation Himself, that He is the loving Father of ALL of mankind, His Creation. In this, Kol Hator prides itself as pursuing the Image of the Creator in all this. The great division between all religions and within mankind is caused by precisely the opposite craving of mankind, i.e. to seek their own specific interest only. This is the foundation of all religions.
  • Kol Hator strives to pursue and build peace amongst all these factions by identifying and removing the differences that cause division, through the use of Scripturally sound guidelines even if these guidelines shake the foundations of established religions, dogmas and firmly based cultures.
As such, we have been extracting a linked guideline from the Parashot since Bereisheet 6 weeks ago – viz. CHANGE required on all fronts concerned. We will now offer our rendering of what this CHANGE probably entails.

The CHANGE that can bring on the Final Redemption

With two sides arguing and condemning each other for their head-on difference of opinions about the nature of their independently held concepts of a ‘Messiah’, it may be high time that BOTH sides come to terms with what this concept truly entails.

And independent and unbiased investigation off all opinions which are involved with the belief in a Messiah, will reveal an abysmal ignorance on all sides – attested to by the fact that it varies even from scholar to scholar. Ask a Jew, a Rabbi, for a description or definition of the 'Jewish' Messiah and it will differ from person to person. Don’t believe it? – then try it!

Christianity after 2000 years is still at loggerheads with each other about who their NT Messiah really was.

Yet, there was persecution, murder and animosity for 2000 years to this day, inspired by their difference of opinions, especially between Jews and Christians.

We pose the disturbing thought: What if all sides discover that they were all wrong in their analytical concepts of this all so important ‘Personage’?

What do you mean ‘Jewish Mashiach’?

Kol Hator being a Judaism based promotion, we shall initiate this review with posing some questions firstly to the Jewish side. This regards the concept of a “Mashiach ben David’ who will come as a ruling King on the throne of King David, in continuance of the divine Promise. This definition is about as far as common agreement goes in Judaism - that he will rule as King on David's Throne. Any further and deeper defining reveals grotesque differences of opinion, some of which range even on the absurd – of course, depending on whose opinion is followed. Kolhator insists on defining it from a Biblical foundation, as we shall do here below.

From the outset it is important to note that the very term “Mashiach” appears nowhere in the Tanach ("O.T") to define this ‘Being’ whom Judaism’s religious founders have termed ‘The Mashiach”. Please use a concordance to trace such a usage. Wherever that term is used (39 times in Tanach), it refers to a normal human being, a king, priest, even non-Jew like Cyrus (Koresh) who was mandated by HaShem to bring the Captive Jews back from Babylonian exile to build the 2nd Temple.

By pointing this out, we are NOT denying the existence of such a Being – we are merely pointing out the great variance of opinions which point at a great lack of true defined insight. Meanwhile there rages such great animosity and hatred based on opinions concerning a ‘Messiah’.

Resultantly, there rages also great variance of opinions (or even lack of defining) about the specifics of what exactly this Mashiach will be doing, performing or be responsible for. The general concept in Judaism is that “He will come at the Time of Final Redemption”. To do exactly what? This is where the variance of opinions step in – but generally, yes, He will be concerned with the end Time winding up of the present dispensation and establishing of a New Dispensation.

Now, Scripture is VERY clear about these End Time spectacular Events. But, here is the crunch: Scripture NEVER, not even once, defines the involvement of “A Mashiach” in such Events. Every single Scriptural statement associates such an event with, and defines it as, HaShem Himself. This is clear from the usage of His Sacred Name (Yud Hey Vav hey) in every instance and never the term ‘Mashiach’.

Now this is where the explosive resistance against such statements emerges. “No one can see God and live”. And with that an overwhelming archive of written Biblical evidence to the contrary is simply wiped off the table.

This raises the question: What is a Supreme Creator capable of doing and what not? If He can create an Endless Universe out of NOTHING; a Wondrous ‘living’ earth out of NOTHING; humanity (numbering some 8 billion today) out of mud clay and the rib bone of a man; protect and guide His people in Exodus in a “Pillar of Cloud” by day and a “Pillar of Fire” by night - then what’s the big deal for Him that He cannot Come Personally in the shape/form of what has been termed “The Messiah” by our ancient Jewish spiritual leaders (Mashiach ben David)?

Who do the Scriptures say, will stand on Mt Zion in the Final cataclysmic scenario with the earth spitting and shuddering underneath Him?

Zechariah 14
And every eye shall see Him …” as we pray daily in synagogue. “And every knee shall bow before Him,”

What do you mean Christian Messiah?

And when Christians may come to realize that God has NOT got a “Son” whom He can send around to do things for Him which then causes them to regard this “Son” as superior to “Hs Father”!

The Solution?

This could well be the true factor underlying the suggested CHANGE that the linkage between our Parashot this year since Bereisheet hinted at. If Jews and NT Messianics can sort this out for themselves first (and it will require definite CHANGE of concept) – and thereafter between themselves, only then they may come to realize that they have been killing and hating each other for centuries without reason. They may then reconcile and thus bring the Geulah (Final Redemption) to fruition. Without such Reconciliation there can be NO Geulah.

The Proof substantiated by the recent Parashot

The fact which is clearly substantiated by our Parashot analyses since Bereisheet 6 weeks ago, is that HaShem DID in fact appear to humanity in various forms. These were obviously not in His full Glory else “they would have died” and the earth would even have been evaporated – because His True Being is like a nuclear Sun.

We saw in Parashat Vayeirah how HaShem, by His identifying Name YHVH appeared unto Avraham and Lot (Gen. 18,19).

We see it again in this week’s Parashat Vayeitzei when HaShem visits Ya’acov – though in a dream. Ya’acov was convinced that HaShem was there Personally and even named the place accordingly ‘Beit-El’. READ Gen. 28:10 – 17). In next week’s Parashah we will see it even clearer when Ya’acov wrestles with HaShem Who for this purpose shielded His Glory by appearing as a Man (‘angel’) who wrestled with him. We may argue and doubt today, but Ya’acov who wrestled all night with this ‘Man’ had no doubts whatsoever that it was HaShem Himself. The reason why Ya’acov did not die, having seen God, is because His Divine Glory (which could devour the earth) was still omnipresent in His Abode in the Universe while this ‘Man’ appeared to wrestle with him – like Divine Glory shielded or turned down.

This also happened to Manoah and his wife to whom HaShem appeared (Judges 13). Go READ.

The very Name of HaShem reveals this capability of Him manifesting Himself in various forms and shapes: YHVH = “The God Who will be What, where and how He chooses to be”– A MUST READ.

The above is all merely touching on this vast and much hidden subject. Please raise your concerns, questions or comments for an in-depth discussion.

Wishing you HaShem’s richest Blessings!

Co-founder, KOL HATOR Vision for the Restoration of the re-united 12-Tribed Kingdom of Israel

Parashat Vayeitzei

Parashat Vayeitzei Genesis 28:10 – 32:3
Haftarah Vayeitzei Hosea 12:13 – 14:10
(Hosea 11:7 – 12:12)

NoteThese links are from Mecho-Mamre - Hebrew and English version. Click ‘Refresh’ or ‘Hebrew’ in URL window if the Hebrew text does not appear on the left side in addition to the English.

This Week’s Rabbinic Commentaries – Parashat Vayeitzei

Selected commentaries which feature the Reconciliation and Restoration Message of the Scriptures.

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