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26 August 2022

Life cannot be without a Creator. None of the implements that we use daily to benefit our life came about without man having created it. But who created man and all the things that man cannot create – LIFE? … the life of plants, animals and wonders of nature? There MUST be a Creator!

The most read book in history by far is the Bible – the author of which it claims is the Creator. This book also promotes the Wishes of this Creator, with indications of HOW He will achieve His Purpose . And behold: millions of former Torah rejectors and Jew-dislikers throughout the World are turning to Torah and pro-Jewism while the reborn Land of Israel and its ancient nation has risen to Top-10 Nation status in just 70 years - from zilch and disaster! Exactly as foretold by the Creator in His Book promotion! And that Promotion includes His Wishes for the Land of Israel to become the Centre of His World Rule of Peace.

If only the readers of that .Book and the teachers of that Book and the leaders of that Land would commit and join His Cause which forms the Main Theme of this Book’s Message. Guess what the result will be and which -ism will thrive? Paradox of Paradoxes - created by the Creator in this perfect Selection Process!

The Purpose of LIFe in the Creator’s Book
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The Divine Plan for Life – in a Nutshell

My most favourite commentary of all Parashiyot of the year. It features the passionate revuew of the entire Purpose of HaShem for humanity as depicted in this Ya’acov and Yoseph metaphors - the Call for UNITING of His People to bring about the Final Redemption – to open the Kingdom Rule Era of the 7th (Shabbat) Millennium. There can be no clearer Call; no more-precisely summarised Purpose for LIFE. If only we would comply.

The Price for preparing the Promised Land for its ultimate Divine Purpose
As Hitler tightened the noose around the Jews of Europe, the British government, which ruled Palestine from 1917, increasingly restricted Jewish immigration to Palestine. On November 9, 1938, the British, eager to curry favor with the Arabs, published a White Paper that reduced Jewish immigration to a trickle. That night in Germany Kristallnacht erupted. Almost 30,000 Jews were sent to concentration camps, 200 synagogues were destroyed, and 91 Jews were beaten to death.

The “Blood, sweat, Tears, and Prayer” achievement of the Truth to Eternal Life.
Commentators of all Faiths have a great problem with considering opposing opinions or ideas that may rattle their cultural cages – that while they all blame each other of being imprisoned by such an attitude which withholds souls from finding greater Truth or development. As an awakening Call, HaShem declares repeatedly about His privileged “Servant” whom He is preparing for a prime role in the End Time events of the Final Redemption, how that this Servant is “blind and deaf” (Isa. 42:18,19) – even those “who are in covenant with Him!”
(Althouh based on another week’s Parashah)

Time for introspection – How long will we shun HaShem’s Purpose?
I’ll venture to share with you and say it with my own song this week rather than writing. Inspired by this week’s Parashat commentary by Rabbi Dr Jonathan Sacks (refer further down), I hurriedly made a flash ‘recording’ of this song on my guitar. This coming some 40, 50 years since I last spent much of my professional musician’s career in recording studios – this time done on my old cell phone!
(Althouh based on another week’s Parashah)

May these messages assist in promoting the Unity to advance and proceed to the Final Redemption (Geulah} – the Time Period of which it seems that we are now entering towards the end of this 6th Millennium – the Time of Trouble, birth pangs of the Shabbat Millennium with all its Blessings …
Wishing you HaShem’s richest Blessings!

Co-founder, KOL HATOR Vision for the Restoration of the re-united 12-Tribed Kingdom of Israel

This Week's Parashah:

Parashat Re’eh
Deuteronomy 11:26 – 16:17
Haftarah Re’eh
Isaiah 54:11 – 55:5
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