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The most recent New Moon 10 days ago (Sunday 14th March) marked the 1st of four Jewish ‘New Years Days' of the Jewish Calendar. This one marks the 1st Month Nisan (or Aviv) on the Jewish Calendar according to which the Biblical Feasts are calculated (and as defined by Scripture). The Cycle of annual Biblical Feasts is spread over three successive periods across the first 7 months of the Biblical Calendar. As such, this Festive Cycle depicts the entire Redemption Plan. Throughout Israel’s history, this Cycle formed the basic time-pattern for all Major Events. It also serves as a ‘proto-type’ or metaphor of the Coming Final Redemption. For example: The Exodus from Egypt started at this very time of Nisan, to the Day. The entire Pesach Seder (which we will commemorate this coming Sunday 27th of March 2021), presents volumes of proto-typical, exemplary enlightenment and inspiration for our current consideration, i.e. the Divine Call “to leave Egypt, the Land of slavery and imprisonment in pagan or non-Torah conforming life-styles;” to embark on the Final Journey into the Promised Land in fulfilment of this Festive Cycle. The ancient Israelites arrived at Sinai at the exact Time of the 2nd part of the Festive Cycle, 50 days later - Shavuot (‘Pentecost’), to receive the Torah and to be covenanted to HaShem. And today, for “returning 10-Israel”, i.e. re-awakening Torah restoring Ephraim (who forms the major part of the reading audience of this Newsletter), it calls for their re-covenanting with HaShem on the foundation of the Torah. For Jews, it calls for re-dedication to their Torah commitment on the Final stretch to the looming Final Redemption.

Then, a few months ahead, we will commemorate and celebrate the 3rd and final, concluding part of this Festive Cycle – in the 7th month (7 = completion). The sequence of Feast dates in this 7th month speaks for itself: i.e.

1 of 7th Month – Yom Teruah – “Feast of Trumpets” – to announce on that unexpected, FIRST Day of the month (incalculable in advance, as it is marked by the appearance of the new slither of the Moon. In Biblical times the proclamation of this Festive Day required physical sighting of the new Noon Crescent by ‘watchers’ who would relay their witness to Jerusalem of having spotted the new Moon Crescent. The message would be relayed by way of a system of lighting fires on certain mountain tops. Jerusalem would then proclaim the New Month – which in the 7th month is a major Feast Day!

The Trumpets (Shofars) announce the arrival of the King – this Time, on this Festive Day, the Return of HaShem’s Shechinah (Presence). Ten Days later comes Yom Kippur – the Great Final Judgment of mankind; the election of His “Servant” who will serve as His Living Temple through whom He shall reign over the Nations (Refer to our Parashat Commentary Vayekhel (where our “train came to a halt” 2 weeks ago – at the Time of the New Moon of Nisan! We were obliged to call for a reconsideration of this important Parashat Message. In retrospect now, it becomes evident why we were led to that decision – it all fits like a glove – the Call from the approaching Festive commemoration of Pesach. These are vital, Final Times – Time to come OUT of Egypt; to break the chains with the religious culture teachings which oppose the looming Final Redemption. WE have to respond – HaShem is doing the Calling!

The goal of this Newsletter is to bring this Festive Cycle and its spiritual implications to our attention. We have just stepped into the first part of this Cycle at this Time. We will be celebrating Pesach shortly. And the rest of this year will unfold according to this Festive ‘Road Map’ of Redemption.

PLEASE share your ideas, comments, questions, enlightenment as you review and participate in this 1st part of the Annual Festive Program. You can use the ‘Contact Us’ window on our Web Pages, or the e-mail address in the Contact Form. We all need that inspiration that can help us get serious about this Vital End Time Calling.

This week’s List of Readings for more information:

For our Ephraimite, 10-Triber, non-Jewish audience we are taking the bold step this week to refer you to some ‘Ephraimite’ sources of information that we have selected for you from a vast source – to provide you with some of the restorative topics which Hebrew Restoration pilgrims are wrestling with. Though KOL HATOR emphasizes the Return to the Original Torah Faith and urges the multitudes of non-Jewish Torah Restorers (re-wakening Ephraimites) to consult Jewish sources, there are no Jewish sources to explain these specific topics that you may be wrestling with. The sources that we will recommend here do present such sound restorative information:

FOR OUR EPHRAIMITE AUDIENCE ONLY - Jewish readers please scroll down further for your Reading Links. The following 2 links contain New Testament ref's to guide our Ephraimite readers in restoring Torah Truth.
FOR OUR JEWISH AUDIENCE (and Ephraimite audience)
This Week’s Rabbinic Commentary – Parashat Tzav –
By Rabbi Dr Jonathan Sacks (of Blessed memory) on a perplexing Parashah

Parashat Tzav Leviticus 6:1 - 8,36
Haftarah Tzav Jeremiah 7:21 – 8:3; 9:22 - 23
Special Haftarah for this Shabbat HaGadol Malachi 3:4 - 3:24

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NOTE – The views and opinions expressed by the author are not necessarily shared by the Rabbinic Associates of KOL HATOR VISION. These views are the personal conclusions of the author based on the Rabbinic sources quoted in the article and elsewhere on this Web Site.

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