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This Newsletter presents:
  • Details of our Web Site reconstruction in order to bring you wider and easier navigation to all the enlightening articles and reviews which have become hidden in it. Discover a valuable source of Biblical End Time resources about the fast approaching Final Events of the Climax of history.
  • Newsletter Forum restructuring - How it will benefit you.
  • Where is the World going with the Corona Plague?
  • This week’s Parashah and its application to and message for our Time.

Web Site Update

I constantly come across hidden articles that pop up in some or other totally unplanned way. The content that these convey always strikes me, having forgotten that we ever published it. Now, if these were merely newsy or time-linked, they would lose relevance – but it remains enlightening because of the main linkage of its message to the Final Redemption in the Plan of HaShem. As with the Scriptures, these often bring even further current enlightening and understanding on re-reading it – because time has moved on, and our understanding of the Main Plot has advanced.

New understanding of this Divine Plan (which is itself much hidden, even to dedicated searchers of the Word of God throughout the Ages) is coming at a pace that we cannot contain or cope with publishing fast enough. Yet, the Web Site already contains so much that people never get to. This is the very reason why the understanding of these Scriptures is advancing - because the End Time Finale Picture is becoming clearer, also through virtual fulfillment taking place all around us and of which this generation is part. This no doubt is the Time of Enlightenment and understanding that the Prophet Daniel was referring to (Daniel 12:4).

For this reason, we have now renewed our Home Page and embarked on an overall restructure to make what is available on the Web Site more navigable. We will do this by means of a new video library, music library, and Study library for some 350 mostly hidden current articles and studies. You will find details of this on the Main Page. Please bear with us as this is a huge project of tracing and categorizing still under construction.

Newsletter Forum restructuring

We intend to make the Newsletter more interactive – to provide you with more direct and personalized information – also to give you the opportunity to share information and insights with the forum.

Logically, for such a project we need your active participation, input, advice, and guidance. The success thereof will therefore depend on your participation. Please suggest ways in which you would require more interactive participation. To kick-off, we will open a new section on our Web Site for Q & A (Questions and Answers). This would form a special permanent section on the Web Site and be of value to the general readership. Your name will be kept anonymous unless you want to identify yourself and in that way receive exposure to your own promotions.

It is no coincidence that we ask your support and co-operation to proceed with this Project as a ‘community,' with the opportunity for you to share in it directly. This Forum restructuring idea was born to-night when I contemplated on what to share with you in this Newsletter. Then only, after writing the above section and appeal for your co-operation, did I turn to the selection of a Rabbinic commentary for our Parshah this week. I turned to our existing Web Site contents of a year ago for this – and what did I find? Read it for yourself in our Parashat commentary by Rabbi Dr. Jonathan Sacks. You will find it further down in this Newsletter.

Please use the “Contact Us” facility here or on the Web Site to communicate with us further in this matter.

Where is the World going with the Corona Plague?

There simply are NO FULL ANSWERS yet. And, the Internet Age has presented everyone with a professional platform to circulate widely whatever opinion or suggestion they feel inclined to. This may well require stronger regulatory treatment by the authorities because the extent of Fake and Fear mongering reporting is really out of hand. Surely, there must be a border to what someone can be allowed to publish worldwide without the proper knowledge or back-up to do so? For instance, can anyone prescribe medicines on the Internet, or offer medical treatment like Dr’s, without any Medical credentials? So, why should they be allowed to do so regarding Covid precautions? And this applies to any other profession.

It, therefore, is a subject rather not to be discussed in order to retain peaceful relations because it really causes division. So, enough said here also. The solution for Peace of mind in all this is to “Concentrate and busy your mind with that which you know is Truth.” And, if you are a reader of this letter then you are involved with such Truth already on the highest levels.

What you are hearing across the World about the “Corona Crisis” in Israel proves the success and the falsity of this Fake Reaction. What you hear is simply not true. Israel, in fact, is leading the World in proving that vaccination is effective thus far and highly efficient. What we do have is a serious problem with electing a majority government for Israel. Now this problem is prone to exactly the same negative reactions from the masses as the Corona issue. The following video presents the same political solution as I have suggested above – i.e. concentrate on that which we know to be true. From a political platform, Netanyahu in this video presents strong reasons why HE can do what the Land requires in the future. He bases this on irrefutable facts of his achievements in the past – monumental achievements, even of Biblical proportions. Sure, errors too, for he is only human. But the positive far outstretches the negative.

    My response to these wide circulating ‘Israel Crisis facts’ was on similar lines: If Netanyahu really sides with the Bill Gates’ Cabal “to kill all the Jews in Israel (all the world) with Corona and the vaccine”, then we have to overlook his life-long achievements of exactly the opposite. Then he would assist Phizer to achieve what the Arabs could not in the last 70 years achieve, i.e. to drive out Jews from the Land. His entire political life as a Jew is geared at exactly the opposite – to protect them. And even if then it may be said that “he is deceived by the Cabal, or bought,” will HaShem now fail by allowing the Jewish nation to be used destructively as 'an experiment for the Covid vaccine' after He has blessed Israel and raised them from a destitute start 70 years ago, from scratch to a leader amongst the Top 10 Nations (and often #1)?

    Let us cling to what we know is Truth, pursue that, and build on it. This call by Netanyahu to his supporters in this video endorses this suggestion. Please pass it on to your Jewish contacts – this is the 4th-time vote in this election and voters are as confused as with Corona. We need a strong ruler.
    This week’s Parashah and commentary follows below:

    Parashat Vayaqhel (And He assembled) & Pequdei (accountings of)

    Parashat Vayaqhel Exodus 35:1 – 38:20
    Parashat Pequdei Exodus 38:21 - 40:38

    Haftarah Vayaqhel 1 Kings 7:40 - 50 (1 Kings 7:13 - 26)
    Haftarah Pequdei 1 Kings 7:51 – 8:21 (1 Kings 7:40 - 50)

    This Week’s Rabbinic Commentaries - Parashat Vayaqhel

    • Here is the Commentary by Rabbi Dr Jonathan Sacks which stresses the co-operation factor which we ask you to now consider for yourself.
    • What I have written above about our existing articles, even if old, that they retain their relevance, was proven again in the following Parashat Vayakhel commentary of a year ago. It was as enlightening as ever and simply reconfirmed refreshing new insights gained since then. For this reason I have inserted updated notes in our commentary.
    Wishing you HaShem’s richest Blessings!

    Co-founder, KOL HATOR Vision for the Restoration of the re-united 12-Tribed Kingdom of Israel

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