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It simply is amazing how these Parashot (weekly Bible portion of the annual Reading Program) always contain a Message relating to the current World News or some of the topics that we have encountered or dealt with during the week. As such it then sets guidelines, comforting assurances or reprimands on the Way forward.

In this Newsletter we will address two of these Messages this week: One directed at our Jewish audience and one at our Ephraim (10-Israel) audience.

Ephraim - Do not imitate the pagans in their pagan practices!

A timely message to re-awakening Ephraim, i.e. non-Jews around the Globe who are exiting Christianity:

Xmas Time is simply 3 weeks away! Most of our audience on the Ephraim re-awakening side have released themselves from these Christian Messianic celebrations. Their reason:
  • because of the worldliness and the secularization of the festivities;
  • because of the date selected, 25 Dec., in the absence of NT confirmation of a date for the birth for their NT Messiah, and this date originating from a Pagan birthday festivity for the ancient pagan sun-god Zeus;
  • because of the Santa Clause mania which also has pagan origins;
  • because of the general public abuse surrounding these celebrations.
In my Facebook discussion of this topic this week I was amazed at some of the opposing responses coming from people who seemed to have been far ahead on the Torah restoration Route, yet did not like the pagan defining of this celebration.

Had they clearly realized the pagan foundations of this favoured Christian celebration, they would well have been more intent on complete release from that quarter of religion. While that attitude still condones the paganism surrounding many Christian festivities (like Easter, Lent, etc) HaShem is outspoken in His utter condemnation of the very situation that these re-awakening Ten Tribers or Lost Jews amongst the nations have been ensnared in during their exile from the Land. He states emphatically in:

Deut. 12:29 “When HaShem your God cuts off before you the nations whom you go in to dispossess, and you dispossess them and dwell in their land, 30 take heed that you be not ensnared to follow them, after they have been destroyed before you, and that you do not inquire about their gods, saying, ‘How did these nations serve their gods?—that I also may do likewise.’ 31 You shall not do so to HaShem your God; for every abominable thing which HaShem hates they have done for their gods…”

This warning is repeated by God in Deut. 18 where He concludes in verse 12, “For whoever does these things is an abomination to HaShem.”

Rabbinic Commentary confirms

This week’s Parashah addresses this same issue: Turn to this video commentary in our Parashat Rabbinic commentary library;

Remove your idols – Vayishlach commentary by Rabbi Liebenberg

Be sure to return to this Newsletter for the rest of our Parashah Message for Judah (Jews, Judaism).

Judah - Open up to End Time revealing Light!

A message to Judah (Jews, Judaism) for this pre-Final Redemption Time of enlightenment –as Divinely promised through our Tanach Prophets (Daniel 12:4).

As promised in our Newsletter of the previous week, this week’s Parashah will present an even more powerful testimony by our Patriarch Ya’akov that HaShem can and does indeed reveal Himself at His discretion to selected human beings. Our Torah abounds with such confirmations. While the Jewish concept that “No one can see God and live” is mighty powerful, a foundation stone of the Jewish Faith also held by our ancient forefathers and Patriarchs. Yet, Scripture, as also in our Parashah, confirms quite the contrary. Can it be that we overlooked something along the way? Can it be that this Torah statement stems from the Reality that “No one can see HaShem in His full Glory and live” – while He, as Almighty, omniscient and omnipresent Spirit Being has the creative capacity to shield His Glory and then in that way can and indeed did appear to mankind as recorded in several instances in Torah?

It seems that this hesitancy and fear to see God originated at Sinai when HaShem old Moses to warn the people not to near or ascend the Mount where He would meet Moses. It was a fearful time of thunder, lightning, storms and earthquakes as the whole nation was gathered in the desert. The mountain of Sinai seemed to be the centre of the storm and seismic activity. The people were terrified as they encountered something holy and awesome and cried out:
Deut. 18:16, “Let me not hear again the voice of HaShem my God, or see this great fire any more, lest I die.” HaShem accepted and approved that plea.

Yet, Torah relates several instances of His appearances to man. Read the following sections in context, carefully and with an open mind:

Exod. 3. He appears To Moses as a Fire in a bush, Holy ground as He instructs Moses to remove His shoes and He addresses Moses clearly as God speaking.

Exod. 3:13, Moses asks His Name, receives it and God’s admission that He had appeared to earlier Patriarchs not by His Name but as “God Almighty.'

Exxod. 4, HaShem gives Moses several miracle signs to perform to the Israelites to prove to them “that God Almighty, the God of their Patriarchs appeared to Moses to send him to the nation to release them from Egyptian slavery.”

Judges 13. His appearance to Manoah and His wife. When He ascended from them, having announced His Name as ‘Peled’ (Wonderful’ – the Name also used in Isa. 9:5) they thought that they were going to die, but this did not happen – because they saw Him in a ‘shielded’ appearance and not in His Full Glory - which would have vaporised the earth.

Gen. 18 & 19 HaShem appears to Avraham as three Angels, for the purpose of different tasks to be attended to.

Now please continue with the rest of this chapter, laying aside ANY and ALL previous concepts and simply READ what is written – and note:

  • How the same scenario report changes between three men and one, all bearing His Sacred Name Yud-Hey-Vav-Hey.
  • How Avraham addresses Him / Them as exalted, Divine.
  • The Divine Eternal Promises uttered by Him / Them.
  • Three speaking as One and addressed by Avraham as one. Check the verbs ranging between singular and plural.
  • Two of the 'men' protected by Lot against some residents of Sodom who wanted to sodomise the visitors. Lot offered his virgin daughters to them in stead! You wonder why Sodom was destroyed with fire and brimstone?
  • And in the same chapter, the ‘Men’ leaving, yet Avraham remaining “before HaShem” to continue the famous plea by Avraham for the inhabitants of Sodom.
  • The following chapters continue the same weird configuration of this “Appearance” of HaShem, ranging between 3, 2 and one ‘man’ as the occasion requires. Finally in this Scripture section, “YHVH (present with Lot on his escape from Sodom next to be destroyed) made fire come down from YHVH in Heaven” to destroy Sodom (Gen. 19:24).
There are several more instances of such appearances. Generally these were referred to as the ‘Malach’ of HaShem, i.e. the ‘Angel’, ‘ Messenger’.

Now strangely, our Parashat name is linked to the same word, Malach, but here translated Messenger. From our opening text of the Parashah:

Gen. 32:4 “And Jacob sent (Vayislach) messengers (Malachim, pl. of Malach) before him to Esau his brother….” Obviously, these Malachim were authorised by Jacob, but they could not speak ‘as Jacob himself’ only on his behalf. And Jacob did not possess the omnipresence capacity of the Creator to transfer himself to Esav, so he sent Messengers with authority to speak on his behalf.

Now, coming to the revealing section in our Parashah:
Gen. 32:25, “And Jacob was left alone; and there wrestled a man (Hebr. ‘ish’) with him until the breaking of the day.” In most other instances these appearances were referred to in Scripture as ‘Malach’ – Messenger, Angel).

Read the entire portion in context. Clearly, Jacob had no doubts as to the fact that this was “God Himself” Who wrestled with him. This awesome fact is confirmed in the following text in this portion:

Verse 31 "And Jacob called the name of the place Peniel: 'for I have seen God face to face, and my life is preserved.'" Could he put it any clearer? – and debunking the understanding that “No man can see God and live.”


What is the importance of this? Why the audacious emphasis and suggestion to review an ancient foundational pillar of Judaism?

Because, we are standing at the End of Time. The Geulah (Final Redemption) is looming – but, there is great resistance against a major outstanding issue which upholds Geulah. It is in fact the Prophetic Pillar Stone of the Geulah, viz. the Return of the Lost and exiled House of 10-Israel, forming 10/12ths of the Nation of Israel who are essentially part of the Geulah. They are now 'awakening' all over the entire World amongst all nations, restoring ancient Bible Torah Truths. While being in a process of confusion still and being chained by 2000 years of Christian Culture of hatred against Jews and Torah, they are exiting the Church and find themselves in 'the Wilderness' but in process of graduakl restoration of Jewish Torah principles. Yet, and this is the core of our plea here: Judah is turning more and more opposing of their plea and referring them to a 7-law Noahide covenant. Their forefathers stood at Mt Sinai and before their exile from the Land were part of the Torah covenanted Nation of HaShem. While HaShem is awakening them (Ezek. 37 - Dry Bones resurrection foretold) and calling them back, the Gate Keepers of Israel ignores there plea and directs them away from their Divine Heritage.

This has to change!

This resistance has to be muted, from both sides. We are here with tyhis Parashat Message referring to Judah’s part only – just one issue. Ephraim faces a similar part, as addressed here above, raising just one of the many issues that Ephraim (10-Israel) has to attend to.

The Message line which has been transpiring from out reviews of the Parashot since Genesis, 6 weeks ago, has clearly revealed a Call for Change. Something HAS TO Change to bring about the required Reconciliation between Judah and 10-Israel (Ephraim) which is now revealing itself as the awakening amongst millions of non-Jews World-wide who are turning to Torah, gradually to Judaism and to the Land of Israel. This all according to the Main Theme of Tanach Prophecy – BUT, the resistance is great, from both sides.

It is our experience and understanding through the activities and outreach of KOL HATOR Vision, that the major contention between the two striding sides of the Family of 12-Israel, is the concept of “Mashiach” as held by each side respectively. It reveals great confusion regarding this Mystic Figure on BOTH sides – which causes the friction. Reconciliation can only come by bridging dividing issues. And, for Judah, this concept discussed here above about the possibility of God appearing directly to man in a shielded ‘format’, directly affects Judah’s concept about the Coming Mashiach ben David. In every instance that the Hebrew Scriptures refer to such an intervention by God Himself, it has been interpreted as “The Mashiach” – a word NEVER appearing in these Scriptures under discussion here. This causes great confusion amongst Jews about the real identity of “Mashiach”. In fact, it differs from person to person. Try it: ask various Jewish scholars even, for a descfining description of "Mashiach" and His Purpose in finer detail. You will be amazed at the differing answers you receive.

Exactly the same confusion rages in Christianity. After 2000 years they are still divided as ever about the identity of this Personage whom they claim as their Messiah.

Perhaps, if both sides can come to realize and admit their lack of knowledge on this topic; if they open their minds to the revealing signs and insights presented by this pre-Geulah Time that we are living in; and of both sides can come to agree that we serve the Creator, God of Israel, the One Only True God, then the Hope for Reconciliation will start dawning.

Wishing you HaShem’s richest Blessings!

Co-founder, KOL HATOR Vision for the Restoration of the re-united 12-Tribed Kingdom of Israel

Parashat Vayishlach (And He Sent)

Parashat Vayishlach Genesis 32:4 – 36:43
Haftarah Vayishlach Hosea 11:7 – 12:12 (Obadiah 1:1 - 21)

NoteThese links are from Mecho-Mamre - Hebrew and English version. Click ‘Refresh’ or ‘Hebrew’ in URL window if the Hebrew text does not appear on the left side in addition to the English.

This Week’s Rabbinic Commentaries – Parashat Vayishlach

Selected commentaries which feature the Reconciliation and Restoration Message of the Scriptures.

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